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Grocery shoppers could move online twice as fast as originally anticipated | CNBC

The shift is already evident: 49 percent of all shoppers bought a packaged good online within the last three months. That includes 61 percent of millennials and 44 percent of baby boomers. It also includes 54 percent of affluent households and 40 percent of low-income households.

Grocery stores, cognizant of the price transparency the web affords, will feel the pressure to keep prices low. The largest ones, like Walmart, are expected to put an extra focus on low prices to help win their battle for market share. To help keep prices down and make shopping an event in itself, they will continue to invest in automation and grab-and-go technology.

Both large and small stores will continue to emphasize fresh and prepared foods, as well as meat, in an effort to compete with goods not easily ordered online.

Changes will also transpire behind the scenes, as brands and retailers look to use data they get through new technology to inform pricing, selection and promotion. Albertson’s launched a new service this month to use shopping data in its stores to better assess online ads.

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Grocery shoppers could move online twice as fast as originally anticipated.