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GUTS Tickets: Use dynamic pricing to raise funds for charity | IQ Magazine

Dutch blockchain ticketer GUTS Tickets has come up with a novel use case for its dynamic pricing solution: curing cancer.

In a blog post entitled Sell tickets — cure cancer (Or save the world in a different way), GUTS community manager Olivier Biggs posits that dynamically pricing tickets – the practice, common in the hospitality and travel sectors, of allowing prices to fluctuate based on market demand – could generate additional revenue for humanitarian projects, such as cancer research or “clean[ing] up the ocean”.

“Say that your tickets are normally priced at $50,” Biggs writes. “Using this dynamic system on (a selection of) your tickets, this will now become the minimum price and some tickets will now be bought for $60, others maybe even for $5,000. All of the intake above the $50 threshold will go to a charity of your choice, instead of going into the pockets of scalpers and frauds.

“This approach of dynamic pricing can be applied to all of the tickets up for sale, or to a certain section of the venue, or, if you prefer, to just a single seat in the front row.

“Your fans are fully aware about where their money is going if they choose to buy a dynamic ticket, along with what good their money is going to be doing.”

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GUTS Tickets: Use dynamic pricing to raise funds for charity | IQ Magazine.

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