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HarperCollins settles over Jobs’ cartel | FudZilla

A rather nasty chapter in Steve Jobs’ biography has finally drawn to a close after publisher HarperCollins has agreed to donate $120,000 in books as part of a settlement with a Canadian law enforcement agency.

For those who came in very late,  Apple’s messiah Steve Jobs arranged a pricing cartel which jacked up the prices to users in an attempt to damage Amazon.  The book publishers generally said it was a fair cop and paid up but Apple denied that its founder and religious leader could do anything so completely and utterly evil and claimed it was perfectly legal.  After a long court case, Apple tried to get the Superme Court to clear Jobs’ name only to have its case ignored. Apple had to pay $450 million and we are officialy allowed to call Steve Jobs a convicted monopolist, or a terrible businessman, depending on what day of the week it is.

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HarperCollins settles over Jobs’ cartel.

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