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Many of us make fun of salespeople, especially because they’re always asking for discounts. Can’t they sell value? If they lose a deal, they often blame price. Price, price, price. If we listen to sales we’d believe that every customer only wants to pay the lowest possible price. Yet, it’s true that every customer wants to pay less. But pricing – and selling – isn’t about what customers want to pay. It’s about what they are willing to pay.

You know the above paragraph is true. So instead of making fun of sales, let’s take a long honest look at ourselves. What are we doing to help our salespeople win at the price we think we deserve?

If we want our salespeople to win at higher prices, we must give them the knowledge and tools.

Your salespeople probably don’t know as much as you do about the value of your products. When you complete value-based pricing exercises, you compare your product to competitors and look at the relative value. This is the information that your salespeople need to have at their fingertips. To win at higher prices, sales must understand and be able to communicate your value relative to your competitors.

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Help Sales Win at Your Price.

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