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Here’s The Problem With Those ‘No Haggle’ Dealerships | Jalopnik

One of the most frustrating aspects of buying a car from a dealer is the back and forth about the price. Some dealers have responded to this by offering upfront, “no haggle” prices. And while this seemingly streamlines the process and makes (some) buyers happy, in practice, it’s a little bit more complicated.

We all know the scene. A buyer walks into a dealer looking to buy a car, they find something they like, and then the conversation goes something like this:

Customer: “So what is your best price on this car?”

Salesperson: “How much are you looking to pay per month?”

Customer: “I just want your lowest sale price on the vehicle.”

Salesperson: “Well…I have to talk to my manager.”

[Customer waits for awhile.]

Salesperson returns: “My manager says I can get you $2,000 off the sticker price. That’s the best we can do, and this deal is only good today.”

Now, the customer has no idea if $2,000 off the sticker price on that particular car is a good deal or a crappy one because, in that moment, they don’t know what other stores would be willing to offer. It is completely possible, for example, that two grand off is the best that that dealership can do, even if another dealer across town can go lower.

Of course, the internet has changed a lot of this, whether it’s through email, phone calls, or websites like TrueCar, which customers use to compare quotes. But the process can still be frustrating, especially when dealers refuse to send quotes or send ones that aren’t remotely competitive. It still, in other words, takes time and diligence to shop for a car and be confident you’re getting the lowest price possible.

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Here’s The Problem With Those ‘No Haggle’ Dealerships.

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