HERO Sales Aggressively Smashed by Minimarket Operators | netral english

“In the food business, competition is getting tighter as the minimarket operators continue to invest heavily in the development of their business networks,” Deutsch said, Saturday (10/28/2017), in a written statement.

To anticipate this, he emphasized several initiatives to improve the company’s ongoing food business performance including reviewing the promotion and pricing strategy among the formats, improving the level of supplier service, and improving the supply chain distribution to increase store stock availability.

“A broader strategic overview is underway to reinforce future growth plans in the food business. In Giant, the second Extra Giant store in Malang has been opened.”

“At Hero Supermarket, planning is underway to revitalize the store in response to satisfactory results from the renovation of the pilot store that opened earlier this year,” he said.

Despite the lower sales, his company is still able to record growth in its net profit from IDR45 billion in the first nine months of 2016 to IDR70 billion in the same period this year.

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HERO Sales Aggressively Smashed by Minimarket Operators.