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Hidden Uber Costs? Drivers ask company to be more transparent with fees | KSAZ

“There’s no transparency,” said one of the four drivers interviewed by FOX 10’s Matt Galka. “In the rider app you can’t even see the charge breakdown.”

The four drivers wished to remain anonymous, in fear of retaliation from Uber. They want to keep driving, and thought if they spoke out, the company would end their ability to do that.

The drivers say the company’s pricing and pay structure isn’t fair, and it started when the company rolled out “upfront pricing.”

“What upfront pricing is, is that when you get in the car, you have already agreed upon a price. Now that price might be an accurate price, or it might be manipulated and it might be a way inflated price,” said one of the drivers.

In the Valley, Uber usually sticks to a formula: a booking fee, a base fare, a per-minute charge of nine cents, a per-mile charge of 95 cents, and then a variable service fee or minimum fare. The drivers say, however, that the price is based on a non-transparent route being used by the company.

“The way they determine that is ‘best route.’ Well, whose best route?” asked one driver. “Is it best for time? Best for price? Best for speed, or what? But in most cases, Uber’s best route is more expensive than if we used our own GPS.”

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Hidden Uber Costs? Drivers ask company to be more transparent with fees – Story | KSAZ.

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