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Hold on to your wallet if you drive into Seattle: mayor proposes congestion pricing | KVI.com

Seattle (April 5) – Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan will announce new bold short- and long-term steps that the City will take to advance towards it’s greenhouse gas reduction goals to reach its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. Transportation and buildings are the leading causes of climate emissions. As part of the strategy to reduce greenhouse gases from transportation and buildings, Mayor Durkan is proposing the development of a congestion pricing strategy to ease mobility through the downtown core, and the creation of more energy efficient and carbon neutral buildings.


The big question for Mayor Durkan is what will be the excuse for the congestion pricing when cars and trucks traveling in to Seattle don’t emit any carbon pollution in 10-30 years? How will you justify this tax grab when cars and trucks are non-polluting?

Ironically this tax/tolling system is proposed as the frenzy over affordable housing in Seattle persists. Durkan’s congestion pricing scheme will hike the costs for homeowners, renters and landlords who need a plumber, buy groceries, eat at a restaurant, or shop in the city because every delivery truck coming in to the city will be charged to do so and they will pass their costs along to the customers and retailers. Congestion pricing will be inescapable even for city dwellers who don’t own a car or never commute into or through the city.

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Hold on to your wallet if you drive into Seattle: mayor proposes congestion pricing.