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Honestly, Are Your Prices Actually Fair? | The Bondsai Blog

Many years ago when I was at the beginning of my career as a freelancer, I had a conversation. The reason I recall it so well is because it illustrates a common misconception about pricing: you can forget about being fair – you either cheat or get cheated.

In this particular case, a smaller business had approached me for a price to build a website. After having discussed the specifics, we turned to talk about the price. The prospect said:

“Well, you either give me an hourly price in which case you will try to extend the project as much as possible to maximize the time spent. Or you can give me a fixed price in which case I will try to squeeze in as much as possible. Am I right?”

I recall I was a bit taken by this so I mumbled something along the lines of “yeah, sure” and laughed.

In retrospect, I realized it was the biggest dump of elephant fecal matter I’ve heard in a long time and I’d foolishly confirmed it. Problem is, this is how people have been taught to think about price. You either cheat or get cheated. Whether a price is fair doesn’t matter.

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