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Hospital price rule causes confusion | Rushville Republican

“While mycareINsight is more user friendly than the chargemaster, it still provides charges, which are not what people will pay,” Platt said. “Charges represent a starting point for hospitals contracting with insurers who routinely negotiate discounts from charges on behalf of enrollees.”

Platt said the guidelines are a step in the right direction.

“I think everybody is looking for price transparency. This is an important first step,” Platt said. “People want to understand out of pocket costs and need good info to do that.”

The American Hospital Association (AHA) addressed the new requirement on its website.

“Consumers and their families deserve helpful information about the price of their hospital care and America’s hospitals and the AHA are committed to providing it. But more can, and should, be done to share health care information with the public, including but not limited to hospital pricing information,” the AHA said. “The AHA and its members stand ready to work with policymakers on innovative ways to build on efforts already occurring at the state level, and share information that helps consumers make better choices about their healthcare.”

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