How ‘Gaming’ the System Helped This Business Get Thousands More Customers | Entrepreneur

Sometimes it’s busy, sometimes it’s slow. Such is the nature of running nearly any kind of business. Off-season lulls seem to drag on forever, and bad weather causes customers to change their plans and spend their dollars elsewhere.

Simply offering a coupon, sale, matinee price or happy hour doesn’t always cut it. Even dynamic, demand-based pricing (think: fluctuating hotel and flight prices or Uber surge pricing), which has been around for years, doesn’t always solve the challenge many companies face luring customers amid the doldrums.

Business owners are constantly looking for innovative solutions to excite customers, such as gamification. Promotional games have clear actions and rewards for users, contain elements of chance and mystery or could even feature a social component.

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How ‘Gaming’ the System Helped This Business Get Thousands More Customers.

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