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“How Much Should I Charge?” Freelance Pricing Part One | Elizabeth Hanes RN

What is a 750-word article worth? How about a five-page case study? A 500-word blog post?

Of all the issues involved with freelance writing, pricing may be the thorniest issue you’ll deal with. It’s such a huge topic, I’m devoting two blog posts to it.

Pricing is less a science than an art. Aside from perhaps some copywriters, no one publishes a ‘rate sheet’ that sets forth their project fees. You can’t really do that because every project is different. One client’s newsletter article may require you to interview three sources; another person’s newsletter article may not require interviews at all. How do you set a standard rate, then, for ‘newsletter’?

In short, you don’t. Instead, you offer individualized price quotes on a project basis. This allows you to conduct an in-depth interview with the prospective client to find out exactly what their needs are, what the scope of the project is, and what their budget looks like (if they’re willing to tell you, which many are not). Only then can you possibly craft a proposal at a project rate that’s fair to both you and the client.

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“How Much Should I Charge?” Freelance Pricing Part One – Health & Medical Writer.

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