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How predictive analytics is changing the game for real estate agents | RealtyBizNews

Martin Morzynski, chief marketing officer with HouseCanary, a real estate data analytics firm, told RISMedia that predictive analytics can “help agents get better at their jobs because consumer’s expectations and questions and getting more precise.”

“It brings a level of accuracy and granularity into the process that changes the game,” he added.

There are other uses too. For example, predictive analytics can be used to identify future price projections for specific properties and neighborhoods. This data can then be shared with clients to help them come to a decision. One such service that does this is HouseCanary, which aims to give buyers and sellers more confidence in their decisions.

Another useful tool is SmartZip, which offers a data service that tries to identify homeowners who’re thinking of selling their homes. It relies on U.S. Census data to analyze consumer’s selling life cycle, based on publicly available data such as divorces, deaths and marriages. The service reckons it can use this data to accurately predict the percentage of homeowners who are likely to consider selling.

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