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How price transparency could affect anesthesia practices — 5 takeaways | Becker’s ASC Review

As the federal government pushes for increased price transparency, anesthesia practices should prepare to see volume changes at their facilities, according to Anesthesia Business Consultants President and CEO Tony Mira.

Here are five takeaways:

1. With patients’ out-of-pocket costs growing, the federal government has made price transparency a top priority.

4. With this tool, patients may compare the costs of a procedure among facilities, which could impact anesthesiologists. If the cost of a procedure differs significantly between facilities, anesthesiologists may see changes in volume.

“The emerging price transparency here, based on facility costs, may drive a group’s business in a number of different directions depending on their affiliations,” Mr. Mira said.

5. In the midst of increasing price transparency, it’s important for both patients and providers to consider quality metrics, volume and outcomes, according to Mr. Mira.

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How price transparency could affect anesthesia practices — 5 takeaways.