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Gather round, kids! It’s story time.

I’d like to tell the story of my client whom I will call Hillary. She’s an acting coach who’s built a strong reputation for herself teaching small group classes and working with private clients. Hillary is a busy bee to say the least. When we started working together, she had next to no time for anything other than coaching. She said she felt a little bit like a chicken without a head.

Maybe you can relate.

The good news is that there’s a quick fix for Hillary’s situation. It’s called raising your prices.

You know it’s time to raise your prices when:

  • Your practice is full or you have a waiting list.
  • You have no time for yourself because you’re so swamped with work.
  • More than 75% of prospects sign up for your services. If that many people easily say yes, you’re probably not charging enough.

When I asked Hillary if any of these indicators applied to her business, the answer was, “Yes. Yes. And yes.”

Though it was crystal clear to me that Hillary needed to raise her prices right away, she resisted the idea wholeheartedly. She explained to me that actors can’t afford to pay more for coaching and if she charged more she might price herself out of the marketplace.

This is probably one of the most common fears I see with the coaches I mentor. Believe me, I get it.

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