How to Implement Gender-Neutral Pricing in the Salon | Modern Salon

Recently, there has been buzz surrounding two salons in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago for their pricing system. Counter to the traditional method of charging clients for men’s or women’s cuts, Barbara & Barbara and Logan Parlor salons price based on hair length, with a mission of creating an inclusive environment for clients.

“From a social perspective, it’s about equality,” says Logan Parlor co-owner Tricia Serpe. “Hair has no gender. The salon industry assumes all long hair cuts are women and short cuts are men. That is not true.”

Serpe explains gender-neutral pricing is also smart for business—improving profits, scheduling and client loyalty.

Here Serpe shares three ways gender-neutral pricing makes business run smoother:

1. Length-based pricing optimizes the salon’s book, reducing downtime for stylists and preventing appointments from running over and interfering with the next one. When a client calls to make an appointment, the receptionist asks about the length of the hair and blocks out time for the appointment accordingly. Stylists will have time with every client to provide education on recreating their style and to give product recommendations. More shared product knowledge means more retail sold.

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