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How to Make Your Product Less Enjoyable | Irrational Labs

Imagine if we were charged a very small amount for internet access every time we did a Google search. Would we do more or less searches? Likely less. Every time we went to do a search, we would weigh the cost and benefits of our search.

Consider your last taxi ride. Watching the number increase on the meter probably made you resentful of red lights and traffic. Throughout the experience, you are reminded of the cost slowly increasing.

How can we decrease the pain of paying for a product or experience?

We can reduce the salience of a payment by separating the payment from the experience. This means paying in advance or paying after an experience. It means avoiding a payment model that gets people to contemplate the exchange every time they consume your product.

When we pay in advance, the pain is offset by the anticipated future benefit. When the event finally arrives, the cost is a thing of the past. When we pay later (as in the case of credit cards), we pay our bill after having bought, used and loved the goods.

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How to Make Your Product Less Enjoyable.

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