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How To Price a Product (To Hit Your Goal) | StartUp Formulas

Cool thing about Pancakes?

I can make as many as I WANT and she can eat as many as SHE WANTS.

Well, a solid pricing strategy works exactly like that delicious stack of pancakes…

  • Pricing methods have different tiers, just like pancakes
  • They adjust depending on the client, just like pancakes.
  • They have bonuses and up-sells, just like syrup and butter on top.

Got it?


Most startups fail to develop a solid pancake pricing model….
#1 Reason for this: Not starting from a pre-determined goal.

Let me explain…

Here’s the question most people start with: “How much would [Insert company name] be willing to pay?”

Just two (2) problems:

  • People DO NOT keep specific price points in their heads.
  • They DO keep a range they are comfortable with if the value is good enough.

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How To Price a Product (To Hit Your Goal).