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How to Quit Subscription Services and Save Money | Money

Last year I became obsessed with getting a perfect credit score, and it turned out I was just too young to have an 850.

Now, in a fun 2019 development, my neuroses are now officially costing me money.

Like any good millennial, I have a ton of monthly subscriptions. I pay for Amazon Prime, Dropbox, Spotify, Squarespace, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. (I also have access to Netflix, Hulu, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times via friends’ accounts, even though I know it’s legally and morally dubious. Don’t @ me.)

I use these digital services frequently, so I’m not ashamed that I spend a significant part of every paycheck shelling out for them. But I am embarrassed about two other subscriptions that I don’t use on a regular basis: MoviePass and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Subscriptions are legitimately tricky. People severely underestimate the amount of money they spend on digital services every month, according to a study from management firm Waterstone. I’m not even alone in my phobia of canceling. Twitter is filled with posts from users complaining about feeling too awkward to quit Planet Fitness or Apple Music or even Kohl’s emails.

That’s no accident — the brands want customers to feel that way. Utpal Dholakia, a Rice University marketing professor and author of the book How to Price Effectively: A Guide for Managers and Entrepreneurs, tells me there are several techniques brands employ to keep subscribers paying for their services. Many of them are guided by retention marketing, a trend he says was popular with phone and TV companies back in the ’90s.

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How to Quit Subscription Services and Save Money | Money.

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