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How your pricing policy affects your sales | Intelligence Node

Price optimization is one of the key factors in every business operation as it can raise prices whilst improving sales volumes at the same time. Savvy pricing managers will implement it and focus on building their business to cater to the most profitable customer. However, that sounds easier in theory than it is in practice as numerous companies utilize simple pricing policies without identifying important market indicators like the products that are most profitable and customer demands, among others.

Therefore, the decision-making processes are based on the lack of knowledgeable information which leads, in most cases, to bad pricing policies that don’t perform nearly as well as they ideally could and should. Pricing policy has a direct impact on total business revenue and as such, must be carefully thought out. There are best practices companies use to determine and develop their pricing policy. In this article, we’ll show you some of those practices and how they affect sales.


Setting a pricing policy means determining prices customers can afford before deciding what products to produce and the general amount of them. Adding in the fluctuating prices and the overall production costs it can pay for, a business can determine whether it can compete in the low-cost market, where customers are first and foremost concerned with the price, or if it can successfully compete in the premium-price market where customers’ primary concerns are the quality and characteristics of your goods. In either case, it means keeping up with constant changes on the market which can be a tough task without help.

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How your pricing policy affects your sales.

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