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HP clears out Omen gaming laptops with 25% off coupon | Destructoid

The prices on all three models are significantly better than what they were just two months ago in our last roundup of Omen computer deals. For those who recall or are tracking gaming laptop prices, each of the deals above are at least $150 more in pricing.

The top-end model with a discount comes in the form of the HP Omen 17t and is priced at $1,124.99 after using the 25% off coupon code listed above. This gets you a mid-range GeForce GTX 1060 instead of the 1050 and you’ll also receive more RAM, storage, and a combo SSD setup. Overall all the 2017 Omen laptops were well-reviewed at their list price, so when you factor in the 20% to 25% off discount, you’re looking at a decent pricing strategy as HP clears out old inventory for new models.

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HP clears out Omen gaming laptops with 25% off coupon.

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