Humble lets engineers swipe right to their dream job | TechCrunch

Satago has since pivoted into MindMatch, which aims to help recruiters hire more effectively, so Renwick knows a thing or two about the demands on both recruiters and their corporate clients.

Now, by focusing on engineers with his newest hack, he’s working to empower them, too. In fact, the more swiping developers do, the smarter the system gets (theoretically) about what he or she is looking for in a job.

In another interesting twist, Renwick doesn’t see Humble charging based on a successful match, which is how most recruiting platforms work. Instead, the pricing is again similar to dating apps, in that the more popular the hiring company, the more it pays Humble. (“If SoundCloud is getting a swiped a lot, it should pay more than a little startup that no one has heard of,” says Renwick.)

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Humble lets engineers swipe right to their dream job | TechCrunch.

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