Hurricane Irma Has Sent Airline Ticket Prices Skyrocketing | TheStreet

United Airlines (UAL – Get Report) was showing prices on more than $6,000 for a flight from Miami to Denver, according to the Telegraph. The airline, however, said the price was quoted in error, citing a computer glitch.

“United did not change how we priced our seats for flights out of Florida, and we will be offering additional flights out of Florida today and tomorrow to help more customers in those affected areas,” a spokesman told the newspaper.

The higher prices were due in part to an algorithm used by airlines, known as dynamic pricing, which sees prices go up when there is increased demand.

Airlines that work in the affected area are working to accommodate passengers. “Some carriers serving the impacted areas are adding flights and temporarily reducing or capping fares out of cities in the path of Hurricane Irma,” a statement from industry group Airlines for America said.

JetBlue has also capped its flights at $99 and Delta said it has “reduced its highest fares, typically seen when customers are booking last-minute travel when inventory is low and demand is highest. Delta carefully examined fares from Florida as Irma’s path became apparent and demand to fly out of the area surged.”

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Hurricane Irma Has Sent Airline Ticket Prices Skyrocketing – TheStreet.