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I Spent a Week Yak Shaving Instead of Running a Pricing Test | Cory Zue

Differentiating your yaks

The key to differentiating your yaks involves asking one simple question:

Is there any way to achieve my primary goal without doing this task?

That’s it! If the answer is “yes” then don’t do the task. If the answer is “no” then do it. It’s that simple.

In my case there was a much, much easier way for me to test pricing without doing anything I thought was important. That was simply, fake it. So now I’m running my pricing test, and there are prices listed on my place card maker, but I will not actually take anyone’s money. I have a hypothesis that getting through my entire funnel with a paid template is almost as good a proxy for pricing as actually paying me, and that’s a test I could run with about 10 minutes of work on the site.

So that’s what I did. Yaks be damned.

Yaks in Disguise

You might be reading this thinking something like: “But what about all that other stuff? Don’t you want to set up a business? Isn’t that good work?”

Yes, yes I do, and yes it is good work.

So what gives? Didn’t I just say say that those were all bad ideas?

Not quite. And this distinction is a bit nuanced, but hopefully it will make sense.

They are bad ideas in the context of running my pricing test. However they are not bad ideas in the global context of my sabbatical and my life. What those tasks actually are is a set of totally separate goals that were disguising themselves as dependencies of my pricing validation goal.

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I Spent a Week Yak Shaving Instead of Running a Pricing Test | Cory Zue.

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