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I think Apple realized the iPhone X is too expensive | BGR

When rumors first emerged last year that the iPhone X was going to cost $1,000 at launch, you could virtually taste the skepticism in the air. A phone that expensive would be too pricey to appeal to most consumers, the thinking went, and Apple would be left with a flagship phone that no one could afford.

Nearly five months after the iPhone X’s launch, it’s clear that there is some appetite for phones that cost north of $999, and the iPhone X hasn’t been a flop by any measure. But supply-chain reports have suggested that the iPhone X, while successful, hasn’t met pre-launch sales estimates, and it seems like Apple might be rethinking its pricing strategy for 2018.

A new report from RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani sheds some light on what we might see when Apple launches its new iPhones later this year. It’s widely expected to debut three new models, and Daryanani thinks the lineup will include a second-gen iPhone X for $899, a $100 price cut on the current version. “The refreshed 5.8″ OLED (XI) could be priced at $899 ( $100 cheaper vs. current iPhone X) and the larger 6.5″ OLED could be priced at $999,” Daryanani wrote. “This would effectively lower the average ASP’s but we think will drive a stronger unit growth.”

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I think Apple realized the iPhone X is too expensive – BGR.