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Identifying a Pricing Glitch Before it’s Too Late! | Crimson Hexagon

Price-matching… a great strategy for retailers to prevent shoppers from “showrooming” products in-store and then turning around to buy them cheaper online or from competitors.

Walmart has been dabbling in the price-matching arena for a few years now, matching competitor pricing on everything from potato chips to Barbies. However, you may have heard that they have recently fallen victim to a rash of price-matching fraud, exposing a loophole in their policy.

Citing third-party Amazon seller listings, shoppers were able to convince Walmart cashiers to match Sony PlayStation 4 consoles (retailed at $400) with $90 Amazon prices. This dishonest strategy had the potential to spread like wildfire to other products creating a nightmare for Walmart.

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Identifying a Pricing Glitch Before it’s Too Late!

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