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Impact of cost of programming on Pay-Tv pricing | Vanguard News

A little over three years ago, I was one of many Nigerians fuming at the upward price reviews made by MultiChoice, the leading Pay TV operator in the country. I believed, like many others, that the prices being charged for the service were extortionate.

Explanations by the company that it had no option than to increase prices because of increased costs of operation made no sense to me simply because I had told myself that they just could not be reasonable.
I flirted with the idea of switching providers, but was also aware that doing so carried the risk – a bold one – of having reduced family entertainment. I tried to see if I could get a provider offering what was close to the standard I have become used through DStv, but was luckless.

I told myself that I would bear the price review. A few weeks after, I thought I needed to even check the validity of the claims made by MultiChoice in response to the price increase backlash. What I found on the internet was not surprising. What was surprising was the fact that it should have been obvious to me. My point: Rather than join the popular queue of those slating the company, I should have attempted to find out the situation in the Pay TV industry in other climes.

At the time, the company explained that rising costs of programming, including programmes produced locally; devaluation of our national currency as well as the fact that the country’s economy is a high-cost one conspired to make the upward price adjustments inevitable.

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Impact of cost of programming on Pay-Tv pricing – Vanguard News.