Intel Coffee Lake Is Impressive, Not a Knockout Blow |

You can see that 1700x is more efficient in terms of performance per dollar. But i7 comes really close. Nonetheless, Advanced Micro Devices can alter its pricing strategy to take the multithreading market.

In the midrange, Core i5 8400 lags behind Ryzen 5 1600 in terms of absolute rendering performance. It performs better in Blender when it comes to price performance. Overall, Intel’s single threaded performance is helping its processors outsmart Advanced Micro Devices, but Advanced Micro Devices takes the lead in multithreading.

In PC mark, i7 8700K beats the Ryzen 1800X in productivity and creation while lagging behind the counterpart in essentials and physics test, but 8700K is still better in terms of price performance, even in essential PC mark test.

Beating the competition isn’t that simple

From the benchmarks, it seems like Coffee Lake is equipped to tackle Ryzen. The instances of lagging performance are addressed by a better pricing-performance dynamic. There are other cost considerations including high motherboard prices for Intel that can influence customers’ buying decisions.

Moreover, the performance differences are not material in a similar pricing category. Therefore, Advanced Micro Devices can’t be discarded. Although Coffee Lake is a strong offering, it’s not enough to drive Advanced Micro Devices out of the market. Ryzen competes well with Coffee Lake, and the market will be split between Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

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