Is Hollywood’s Blockbuster Obsession Hurting Broadway? | Variety

But talk to the industry about the challenges it sees ahead, and it’s clear that as popular and profitable as Broadway has become, its blockbuster mentality has also given rise to, or exacerbated, some of its biggest problems.

The ongoing increase in ticket prices has long been a concern for Broadway, and while the advent of dynamic pricing has made growing numbers of tickets available at the lower end of the cost spectrum, it’s the premium price tags that get all the press. As those numbers skyrocket — “Hamilton” is at $849 and counting — many worry that Broadway risks pricing itself out of accessibility for all but the wealthiest of consumers.

Meanwhile, the upward spiral of production costs has made the “soft hit” a thing of the past. It’s increasingly difficult to finance a show in such a way that steady but middling sales at 60% of gross potential can cover weekly running costs, plus the overage that leads to profit or at least to recoupment. If the space for modest successes hadn’t shrunk, a show like last season’s “Groundhog Day,” closed by so-so sales, might have had more of a chance.

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Is Hollywood’s Blockbuster Obsession Hurting Broadway? – Variety.