Is it bad to use Uber? | Quartz

Then there’s the matter of how Uber treats its drivers. You know it’s not great, but it’s not as though competing services are much better. Before Uber, taxi companies were notoriously terrible employers. Lyft, like Uber, hires its drivers as independent contractors—they don’t get benefits or minimum-wage protection—and has cut their pay to make fares cheaper for riders. The main way that Lyft treated its drivers better than Uber was by allowing tips in its app, and this year, at last, Uber followed suit.

So maybe the real question is whether you want to use ride-hailing at all. But if you do, chances are you’ll just take whichever service offers the lower price at any given moment, since the fares are always changing (thanks, dynamic pricing!) and other differences between Uber and Lyft are slight (they even employ the same drivers). Of course, Uber is about to get another $1 billionish in SoftBank’s multibillion-dollar bid to acquire a stake in the company. If that translates to more discounts for consumers, you might as well take advantage of the free venture capital money as you are conveniently chauffeured to your final judgment day.

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