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Is Per Seat Pricing Right for the UC Market? | UC Today

We live in a subscription based world. In 2019, you can listen to music on demand, watch TV on demand and even order your dishwasher tablets to your door on a quarter by quarter basis. So, when it comes to Unified Comms, have vendors got it right with the per seat pricing?

Treating businesses like humans
Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of relating business marketing and business user experience back to consumer marketing and consumer user experience. Every conversation I have about branding or marketing seems to go back to the notion that there is a human behind every business.

Unify seems to have got this spot on with their marketing – finding your collaboration persona and tailoring a solution to the way you work is much better than technical data sheet that nobody reads.

Procurement is changing
Why is this relevant to per seat pricing? The way we buy everything is changing. As a technology that is leading the way businesses communicate and collaborate, Unified Comms must be reactive and dynamic across the board. If enterprises are buying something in bulk, they generally get a discount. There is relevant to the Unified Comms market, as well as many others. However, the number of unused seats and licenses often goes unaudited.

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Is Per Seat Pricing Right for the UC Market? – UC Today.

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