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Is That Sale Really a Sale? | NECN

There’s nothing like getting a bargain, but a sale is not always a sale.

Boston Consumers’ Checkbook recently tracked prices of big-ticket items sold at major retailers for 44 weeks and found what they call questionable pricing policies at most of the stores. Many of the sale prices, even those advertised as big savings, were bogus discounts, with the same price called a sale price half the time.

“It’s been going on for decades,” said consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky. “Retailers know that consumers love a bargain, so what do you do? You keep giving consumers bargains, but they tend to be on the same items over and over and that’s where you can run afoul of the law.”

In Massachusetts, stores are regulated on how they can advertise discounts.

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Is That Sale Really a Sale? – NECN.