Is there such thing as an ethical ride-hailing service? | NOW Magazine

When a power outage knocked out subway service on the Bloor line last week, Uber did what Uber does. The ride-hailing giant ratcheted up surge pricing, to a flurry of angry tweets.

Of course, Uber is used to being hated on. The Twitterverse was ablaze with #deleteuber hashtags virtually every week of 2017.

Now, a year after hundreds of thousands of Uber users ditched the app after its drivers continued operating during taxi driver protests against President Donald Trump’s first attempt at a travel ban, Lyft and two other ride-hailing apps have answered T.O.’s call for a new ride.

Those of us who’ve scrubbed Uber from our phones want to know, are Lyft, and new options InstaRyde and Facedrive, really more ethical?

America’s second-largest ride-hailing app is angling itself as “a better boyfriend” – the kinder, socially progressive alternative to its scandal-plagued rival. Its 33-year-old president, John Zimmer, told Time last winter, “We’re woke. Our community is woke. The U.S. population is woke.”

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Is there such thing as an ethical ride-hailing service? – NOW Magazine.

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