Is Your Health System Prepared for Consumerism? | Healthcare Informatics

A Kaufman Hall report on the state of consumerism in healthcare, which was based on an online survey of more than 100 hospital and health system executives, found that 70 percent of leaders said consumer-related insights is an above-average priority, but less than one-quarter said they have advanced capabilities in place, referring to the capabil­ity to apply consumer insights to healthcare service design. And, those same leaders also reported that actions aren’t always integrated with organizational strategy. Only 10 percent said consumer­ism is a high priority with a number of advanced capa­bilities in place, but also said that there is a long way to go compared with other industries.

What’s more, the Kaufman Hall survey findings indi­cate that gaps exist in each of four critical elements of consumerism—patient experience, use of consumer in­sights, patient access and strategic pricing. For exam­ple, 79 percent of respondents said there is a pressing need to understand and enhance patient experience, but only 18 percent have employed advanced means to do so. Additionally, 68 percent of respondents said strategic consumer insights are a high priority but only 16 percent ranked themselves as having advanced ca­pabilities in that area. Further, only 29 percent of re­spondents consider strategic pricing a high priority, and only nine percent have advanced pricing strate­gies in place.

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