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It’s all about pricing in art | The Hindu

It’s not easy to find out what sells and what doesn’t in art

One of the most exciting parts of the Krea University’s admission process is the Krea Immersion Case, an expedition that takes short-listed liberal arts prospectives to outdoor sites and then engages them in a multi-disciplinary dialogue. The past weekend, I accompanied a bunch of spirited youngsters in Hyderabad to the Modern Art Gallery housed in the Birla Science complex. The oppressive heat notwithstanding, I felt dizzy the moment I stepped in. Here was an outstanding collection of art that included many of our contemporary Indian masters. Tyeb Mehta and Jamini Roy sat alongside S.G. Vasudev and Thotta Vaikuntam. Rooms led into more rooms inside a Bawa-like edifice that was essentially built around a rocky hillock.

To me, the most stunning part of the gallery was its basement that featured several works of little-known Hyderabadi painter Iqbal Hussain, who passed away in 1992. Hussian moved from New Delhi to Hyderabad and worked under the patronage of the Salar Jung family (specifically Azam Jah), in the Irram Manzil. Interestingly, he focused on painting Hindu mythology from a perspective that is at once unique as it is painstaking in its detail. Why did I not know of this before, I asked, as wonderstruck at this discovery as the students were.

It led us to debate the idea of value in art. Most students were disbelieving of the prices some of these masterpieces commanded. We stopped beside a Jamini Roy painting to discuss what it could fetch if auctioned.

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It’s all about pricing in art – The Hindu.

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