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Johnson & Johnson Ends Contacts Lens Policy Amid Price Wars | ABC News


“The important thing is that we make sure we keep a regulated contact lens industry so patients have a safe experience with contact lenses,” said Millicent Knight, Johnson & Johnson’s vice president of professional affairs.

But opponents say that contact lens makers want to stifle competition, and that hurts customers. Discount retailers took aim at minimum-price policies last year, and the Utah-based discount giant 1-800 Contacts helped convince the state Legislature to pass a bill banning the practice.

Contact lens makers called foul and sued to strike down the law. Alcon, Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb said it was crafted to benefit the homegrown 1-800 Contacts and had the unconstitutional effect of changing lens pricing nationwide through online sales. Utah argues those are considered in-state transactions, no matter where the customer is.

The case reached the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in August. Though the appeals court hasn’t made a final ruling, the judges did allow the law to take effect as the case unfolds.

1-800 Contacts has since dropped its prices by up to $15 a box on some brands that were subject to the manufacturers’ minimum prices.

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Johnson & Johnson Ends Contacts Lens Policy Amid Price Wars – ABC News.

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