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Juicero Lays Off 25% of Employees and Cuts Juicer Prices | Fortune.com


The San Francisco-based maker of countertop at-home and office cold-press juicers is undergoing a “strategic shift” to lower the cost of its $399 machines and juice packs filled with raw fruits and vegetables on an accelerated timeline.

The new plan was laid out in a letter to employees from Juicero CEO Jeff Dunn, which was obtained by Fortune. Juicero declined to comment.

Dunn wrote in the letter that “the current prices of $399 for the Press and $5 – $7 for produce Packs are not a realistic way for us to fulfill our mission at the scale to which we aspire.”

The company will focus on the second generation of the machine—what internally it calls v2—to reduce the price. The letter did not detail how much the v2 will cost, but in January, Dunn told Fortune the company was targeting less than $300. A source close to the company said the plan is now in the $200 range. Juicero started out pricing its machines at $699 before saying in January that it would drop the cost.

Dunn’s letter said the company will lay off about 25% of its staff as part of the shift, particularly in sales and marketing, as it focuses on product development and manufacturing.

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Juicero Lays Off 25% of Employees and Cuts Juicer Prices | Fortune.com.

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