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Kater, Vancouver’s first-ever ride-hailing app, will launch next week | Hilltop Monitor

Unlike Uber, Kater says it won’t use “surge pricing”, the practice of hiking prices when demand for rides is high.

Instead, she said that burden would fall on the cabinet-appointed provincial regulator, the Passenger Transportation Board, to approve any applications for ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft.

“In order to be fully operational we had to adhere to the guidelines and the rules, that meant that all of our vehicles needed to have taxi licences”, said Corrie Larsen, a spokesperson for Kater.

The province has come under fire for its slow rollout of ride-hailing services, and Vancouver remains the largest city in North America where Uber and Lyft do not operate.

Kater customers will be charged a base fare of $3.25 with an added $0.56 per minute and $1.88 per kilometre. “And what I would say is download the app, jump in Kater auto, and be part of this new solution that we are providing as of March 30”.

He’s also skeptical of rules set out by the province late past year which include a ban on surge pricing, something that’s often used by Uber to boost rates when demand is high.

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Kater, Vancouver’s first-ever ride-hailing app, will launch next week.

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