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KIRO Radio hosts react to congestion pricing in Seattle | KIRO Radio

Part of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s plan to reduce traffic and greenhouse gases is to implement congestion pricing by 2021.

The city will study congestion pricing in downtown neighborhoods. Results could come as early as later this year.

Here’s how the hosts of KIRO Radio reacted to the news:

John Curley
You’re gonna be shocked, but I am all for congestion pricing. I think it is a smart way to go.

If something is free, people use it more. If you add a cost to it they are less likely to use it. Same thing with roads. They are not necessarily free. We all pay the price and the last people in cause the most amount of problems.

Congestion pricing works in other cities. Let’s do it here. Let’s just make sure when you do tax the people to ride the roads, you take that money and use it on effective things. Pour it back into infrastructure that has to do with transportation. Don’t divert it to some sort of boondoggle plan.

Good for you, Mayor Durkan.

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KIRO Radio hosts react to congestion pricing in Seattle.