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Kolkata: Yellow cabs take tech route to fleece you | Times of India

Yellow cab driver Kapila Routh, who lives in Chowbagha, said, “Look at the diesel prices. At over Rs 70 a litre, do you think we can afford to drive cabs on meter? Most of us are struggling to make ends meet because we don’t own the cars. After paying our daily rentals to the owners, we are hardly left with anything to take home.” Routh, who had parked his vehicle near Parama Island on Wednesday, tries to justify the move saying, “To drive up to Ruby Hospital/ Abhishikta crossing I will charge nothing less than Rs 70 — Rs 30 more than the usual meter fare. An app cab will charge a little over Rs 100. So don’t the passengers stand to gain?”

Cabbies say the last rate revision happened when diesel price was Rs 35. Now that it has doubled, they are gasping for breath. Basant Singh, who starts his day from Moulali every day, said, “For 25 years I have driven a cab and can do nothing else for a survival. I have two children and an ailing mother. I can do nothing but stop running by the meter and quote fixed rates. I often look up app cab rates and keep my rates lower than that of theirs, but higher than what would be on the meter. This suits everybody.”

Fewer yellow taxis are plying on city roads now. Cab drivers say they are unable to afford the fuel and are often taking days off.

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yellow cabs: Kolkata: Yellow cabs take tech route to fleece you | Kolkata News – Times of India.