Landor Projects ‘Trump’ To Remain No. 1 Issue For Brands In 2018 | Media Post

2. Retail brands think outside the box in response to Amazon: According to Fung Global Retail & Technology, retailers including Macy’s, CVS and Payless have closed more than 5,000 stores as consumers increasingly shop online. In an effort to win back customers, retail brands will pursue new opportunities, such as unusual partnerships and subscription service models.

Walmart recently partnered with Lord & Taylor and will sell certain higher-end products on The discount retailer is also testing a pricing strategy in which it charges more to buy certain products, such as Colgate toothbrushes and Purina dog food, online rather than in stores. It’s a move to encourage people to shop in its brick-and-mortar locations.

Also, Gap has launched two subscription boxes, BabyGap OutfitBox and Old Navy Superbox, sending preselected children’s outfits directly to consumers’ homes quarterly.

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Landor Projects ‘Trump’ To Remain No. 1 Issue For Brands In 2018 11/29/2017.

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