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Lexus Complete Lease Program | Digital Trends

“We talked about starting it nationwide but we wanted to get a sense of how this would play out. Our plan is to test it [in urban areas], and if we’re successful we will look at rolling it out nationally,” Cynthia Tenhouse, Lexus’ general manager of product and consumer marketing, explained.

Lexus designed Complete Lease to give buyers a hassle-free, all-in-one alternative to buying or leasing. It bundles the cost of leasing the car, maintenance (including wear-and-tear items like tires), a number of telematics options (such as a SiriusXM subscription), and, significantly, insurance. The only thing left for motorists to pay for is gasoline. Lexus isn’t ready to reveal the name of its insurance partner. It hasn’t released pricing information, either.

“We’re finalizing the starting price. The focus is on a value message,” Tenhouse told Digital Trends during the launch of the 2019 UX in Stockholm, Sweden.

The fine-print, you ask? Subscribers are locked into the model they choose for the duration of the two-year lease. They will not be able to swap cars regardless of whether they want to step into a different UX or a different Lexus model altogether. The firm hasn’t decided what happens if buyers opt out of the program before the end of the two-year period, or how many miles they’ll be able to cover during that time.

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