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Libraries Are Unsatisfied With E-Book Pricing Models | Forbes

The past six months have seen quite a lot of activism around libraries’ ability to buy books for readers. The issue at hand: e-book pricing.

Libraries currently pay more than general consumers (i.e. end users) for e-books. Publishers provide a variety of pricing models for their e-book products, but there are flaws with each of them—some are time-limited, some are extremely expensive. Ultimately, it seems, librarians feel that publishers are preventing libraries from creating robust collections of books in this format. And they’ve begun to speak out.

Canadian library associations have so far been leading the public awareness campaign relating to this issue, but, as of this week, the American Library Association has decided to both develop an advocacy campaign aimed at publishers and to formally create a working group dedicated to “address library concerns with publishers and content providers” in order to both negotiate new pricing models that serve libraries better and “to urge Congress to explore digital content pricing and licensing models to ensure democratic access to information.”

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Libraries Are Unsatisfied With E-Book Pricing Models.

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