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Lilly takes a leaf out of Mylan’s book to defuse insulin price complaints | Evaluate

Lilly’s chief executive, David Ricks, was not one of the seven biopharma heads who testified on high drug prices before a US Senate committee last week, but it appears that he is getting the message. The group announced the launch of a half-priced authorised generic version of its insulin analogue Humalog in an apparent response to negative news about diabetic patients rationing their use of a crucial medication.

Lilly is taking a cue from Mylan, which authorised a generic version of Epipen after negative publicity over price hikes for that life-saving treatment. Three separate Capitol Hill hearings on drug prices are scheduled this week, and insulin prices are sure to be a hot topic, so it is a good time for Lilly to make its move.

Back, Admelog

Insulin lispro, as the Lilly authorised generic will be called, will have a list price of $265.20 for a five pack of prefilled pens, compared with around $530 for Humalog and $450 for Sanofi’s generic lispro, Admelog. As usual, the actual price paid by insurers after discounts and rebates is known only to them and their big pharma vendors, and it should be noted that with branded Humalog Lilly managed to squeeze Admelog off of the 2019 Express Scripts national formulary, suggesting that Lilly has been competing on price.

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Lilly takes a leaf out of Mylan’s book to defuse insulin price complaints | Evaluate.