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Should Grocers Go Nuts Over The Nutella Pricing Strategy? | PYMNTS.com

Lines to get into the store are a rare sight at any brick-and-mortar retailer these days, let alone a supermarket. That’s exactly what French supermarket chain Intermarche brought upon itself this week, however. The chain slashed prices on popular chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella and suffered Black Friday-like crowds and chaos as customers fought to stock up.

Nutella normally sells for €4.70 ($5.85 USD) at Intermarche supermarkets. The chain dropped prices to €1.41 ($1.75) for the week, prompting a mad rush of shoppers that, in some cases, ended in violence and police intervention. Other stores saw no such violence but sold out long before the promotion ended.

Grocers, take note. Clearly, deep discounts on popular products are one surefire way to get customers through the doors — though preferably once those doors are open, and not through the closed glass, as has happened on more than one Black Friday.

Success stories of drawing substantial foot traffic are few and far between for grocers these days. Here are a few stand-out strategies that are keeping the traffic flowing, at least consistently if not quite as dramatically as Nutella discounts.

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