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Lower Super Bowl Food Pricing To Stay? | Venues Now

AMB Sports would not a disclose a Super Bowl per cap, which makes it difficult to say whether the deep price cuts had an effect on total sales. Over the past eight years, the Super Bowl has generated food and drink revenue of $6 million to $8 million, producing per caps of $72 to $95. Those numbers cover general concessions, club level destinations and suite catering, and in some cases, the Gameday Fan Plaza outside the facilities.

“I don’t want to get into the weeds on details, but we’re very pleased about the results from Mercedes-Benz Stadium,” Barker said. “While you do have lower pricing, you are driving additional revenue. You increase volume across the board, and that’s a success for everybody.”

To make it a permanent addition, the NFL could simply require a value pricing menu in the bid proposals for hosting the Super Bowl, said food consultant Chris Bigelow.

“My guess is they will let each stadium decide on its own,” Bigelow said. “People want to go to the Super Bowl because it’s a major event. They’re not going because of concessions pricing. The regular season is a different conversation.”

Over the past two years, the Fan First Pricing model has resulted in multiple teams and food vendors across sports reducing food and drink prices. After seeing AMB Sports’ program in Atlanta, the NFL reduced concession prices for the 2019 Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. Fans could buy $2 sodas and $3 hot dogs and popcorn at a few stands. Levy also runs the food service at that venue.

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