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Lyft’s ‘Shared Saver’ Feature Has Riders Pay Less But Walk More | Fortune

Lyft launched a new Shared Saver feature Thursday that banks on the assumption that riders are willing to walk a couple blocks to save a couple bucks.

Promising to provide the app’s lowest prices, unaffected by surge pricing, Lyft wrote on its blog that Shared Saver gives riders a “pickup spot that’s a quick walk (a few blocks, max) from you to meet your driver and co-riders. And ditto for your drop-off—you’ll be just a short walk to your destination.”

Although Lyft is expected to beat Uber to an IPO—the pink-emblazoned ride-sharing app is expected to go public in late March—Uber was first to Lyft’s carpooling model.

Shared Saver is very similar to Uber’s Express Pool, which first started testing in June, as well as Via, a ride-sharing app that’s only available in New York City. Although both platforms require a longer waiting time to find an appropriate driving route, they make up for lag time in monetary savings.

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Lyft’s ‘Shared Saver’ Feature Has Riders Pay Less But Walk More | Fortune.

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