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Mary Meeker on healthcare consumerization driving down costs | CNBC

People are spending more on healthcare than ever before, Meeker’s data shows, and people are starting to view it with the same expectations that they would have for other consumer products, including desires for on-demand access and transparent pricing. Technology companies, from startups to top firms, have started to fill gaps and provide solutions.

Major companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google all have big aspirations to move deeper into healthcare. Apple is testing a product that will let users keep their medical records on their iPhones, for example, and Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and J.P. Morgan Chase announced a partnership to cut healthcare costs and improve services for employees.

Meanwhile, start-ups like Oscar Health, an insurer building out a claims processing system, and Cedar, which provides simplified healthcare billing, are also working to address pain points across the healthcare space.

“Will market forces finally come to health care and drive prices lower for consumers?” Meeker asks.

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Mary Meeker on healthcare consumerization driving down costs.