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Mayor vetoes bill that sought to limit ‘surge pricing’ for ride | Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell vetoed a bill Tuesday that would have made Honolulu the first city in the nation to cap how much private transportation companies — like Uber and Lyft — can charge during peak hours.

Caldwell says the bill, which was passed the city council earlier this month, fell short of protecting consumers, and he believes it also didn’t do enough to level the playing field between ride-hailing companies and taxis.

Instead, the mayor says his administration will be introducing its own bill later this week. He says it’s one that doesn’t regulate surge pricing, but gives taxi companies more freedom with fares.

“It will level the playing field and allow transportation companies to do whatever they want, as long as there’s disclosure and as long as the public is protected. Then the public can make that choice if they want to get into a traditional taxi cab or into a ride sharing company,” Caldwell said.

Under Caldwell’s proposal, both business models can provide riders with either a flat-rate fare or a pay-by-the-mile fare.

The maximum per-mile fare would be set by the city’s Department of Customer Services.

Caldwell says taxi companies will also be allowed to do surge pricing, as long as prices are disclosed up front.

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Mayor vetoes bill that sought to limit ‘surge pricing’ for ride- – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL.

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