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Medicare price lookup tool good model for private market | Fox Business

A true free market relies on open, fair competition. In order to achieve this, an informed consumer Opens a New Window. is required. They must be fully aware of the choices they have at their disposal and how much they cost Opens a New Window. , so they can properly weigh their options.

At that point, the market gets to work determining what is the most efficient, cost-effective solution to any given problem. Once that happens, competitors adjust and companies begin to create better products for consumers. This is the beauty of the free market. There is always a desire to be better.

Unfortunately, in one of the most vital sectors of our economy, such transparency has been severely lacking. The health-care Opens a New Window.  industry often leaves patients and caregivers guessing as to how much procedures will cost, putting Americans in the most vulnerable of situations in a tight bind.

If you drive down any highway in America, you will no doubt see dozens of brightly-colored gas station signs displaying their prices. When it comes to fueling up,consumers know what they’re getting for what price and how it differs from one place to another.

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Medicare price lookup tool good model for private market | Fox Business.

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